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Stained Glass Partners

SGO welcomes the opportunity to work with professionals in related trades and industries. We are already the custom designer glass supplier of choice for literally thousands of businesses including architects, builders, cabinet makers, designers, kitchen & bath remodelers, and interior decorators. We create custom partnership programs designed to suit and complement your operation. Contact a stained glass artisan near you to discuss a program that will provide your clientele with beautiful designer glass and you with extra revenue. Or, contact us, and we will ensure a local representative gets back to you promptly to discuss your architectural decorative glass needs.

Architects: Access to our extensive design library and custom CAD abilities ensures that we will be able to collaborate in designing exactly the right beautiful designer glass feature for your next project.

Builders: Include custom designer glass in the kitchen, bath, or entry of your next project. To plan and design the project, we can work with you, or directly with your client.

Cabinet Makers: Designer glass is the perfect complement to beautifully crafted kitchen, bar or bath cabinets. Let us work with you, or your client, to select exactly the right design.

Kitchen & Bath Remodelers: Whether it is for privacy, sound abatement, or simply to create beautiful décor, we can provide exactly the right designer glass for windows, doors, shower doors, cabinet doors and backsplashes in your next project.

Interior Designers: We have an extensive library of up to date designs and designer glass products for every room in the home. Whether you consult with one of our glass designers, or refer your client to meet with us directly, our top priority is to develop exactly the right glass design for your next custom stained glass project.









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